About Ariana

Fascinated by a live belly dance performance, Ariana started taking her first belly dancing lessons as a teenager. Since then she has studied with a variety of instructors, most of which were professional Egyptian belly dancers.

Over the last three decades, Ariana has performed on stages and at private private events in Germany and the US. She also teaches classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students both in English and German in the area of Mannheim, Germany, where she currently lives.

Having been greatly inspired by the Classic Egyptian Belly Dance which is mostly improvised, Ariana has made it her mission in the last 20 years to develop a method to teach students how to master and enjoy the Oriental dance intuitively without relying on a choreography.

With the information provided on her website, Ariana wants to inspire women worldwide to take up belly dancing as a tool to connect their body, mind and soul and thus enhance their physical and mental well-being.

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