Belly Dancing Rhythms – The Masmoudi Saghir Rhythm

Belly Dancing Rhythms - The Masmoudi Saghir Rhythm The Masmoudi Saghir Rhythm (also called “Small” Masmoudi) is the most commonly requested belly dance rhythm. It is played in 4/4 time with accents on the first and on the third count. Due to its lack of harmony and polyphony, Middle Eastern music is different than Western music. The player may vary a piece through the use of dynamic, syncopation, accent and rhythmic changes. When it is appropriate for the interpretation of the piece or song, notes (or beats) can be added or left out, compatible rhythms can be superimposed or exchanged, phrases in a song can be varied. It helps to listen to Middle Eastern often in order to practice how to find the basic theme of a piece and to observe how and when experienced musicians vary it. To best learn a new rhythm you have to both hear it and count it. Again, the more you listen to Middle Eastern music, the faster you will learn how to distinguish the different rhythms. When you are familiar with a specific rhythm, you will just feel how it sounds and know how it counts. Learn more about the Masmoudi Saghir Rhythm (also referred to as Baladi Rhythm) and its different variations in the video below.

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