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Baladi – The Blues Of Egypt

As a dance style, Baladi (or Beledy) represents the dance of the Egyptian people that was originally performed by the Awalim (urban gypsies or Ghawazee). Hence the term Baladi means “native”, “indigenous”, “of the country” or “rural” in the Arabic … Read More

Learn Shimmy Secrets From A Belly Dance Master

Learn Shimmy Secrets From A Belly Dance Master

Are you ready to turn your drum solo improvisation into a breathtaking experience for your audience? Here are some tips that will help you add more spice to your performance. Incorporate as many different shimmy styles into your performance as … Read More

Chakra Balancing Exercise For Belly Dancers

Chakra Balancing Exercise For Belly Dancers

Whenever you feel you have an imbalance in your body or an inflexibilty in a certain body part, going through the chakra balancing exercise will give you immediate relief. You will free your body from energy blockages and notice a … Read More


What Belly Dancers Should Know About Chakras

In my belly dancing lessons I often refer to the seven main chakras. I teach my students how to align them with specific belly dancing movements and exercises in order to release blockages in the chakras that prevent their movements … Read More

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