Tips On Nutrition For Belly Dancers

Tips On Nutrition For Belly Dancers

If you are like most women who practice belly dance, over time you will become more aware of your body’s needs for functioning at its best. You will find that eating healthy is critical to improving your body’s performance, feeling, and looks.

Regardless of what type of diet or food you prefer, the idea is to eat foods that give you energy rather than those that take energy from you. I suggest a diet that consists primarily of whole, live foods – not necessarily raw foods but only lightly processed ones – and lots of organic products.

Here are some easy adjustments you can make right now that will benefit your health.

  • Avoid junk or processed food and sodas
  • Eat less
    Reduce the amount of food you eat. Overeating is a known cause for many diseases. Longevity experts have found out that people who eat less live longer.
  • Eat mindfully
    Try to eat slowly and consciously, enjoying the taste sensations. In your mind have the intention that what you are eating will feed and nourish your body to perform at its best. Be grateful for the food you may enjoy.
  • Cleanse your body regularly
    Even if you eat a healthy or whole food diet, you will probably not be able to avoid toxins from entering your body. Give your body the opportunity to get rid of them by fasting one day per month.

Even if these concepts don’t ring true with you (yet), this one is a must:

Make sure you only eat until 60 minutes prior to practicing or performing in order not to loose energy to digestive processes while you dance. Moreover, a filled stomach is guaranteed to make you feel uncomfortable and may cause pain during certain belly dancing movements.

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