Rediscover Your Femininity With Belly Dance

Learn Belly Dance With Ariana

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms of feminine deprivation lately? Be honest with yourself and take a moment to reflect if these statements could describe you:

  • You are unable to remember the last time you “played”.
  • You forgot the meaning of the word “hobby”.
  • You engage in excessive task-oriented work without giving yourself sufficient breaks or rest.
  • You are persistently cranky, irritated or numb.
  • You regularly dress in dark colors.
  • You have any (or maybe all) of these adornment issues:
    • You don’t use flattering make-up.
    • You lack an attractive haircut.
    • You haven’t manicured your nails in years.
    • You got used to living in sweat pants and baggy tee shirts.
    • You wear only ugly but comfortable shoes.
  • You are too tired or you “don’t have the time” for a regular workout.

If you have to answer yes to any of the above points, it becomes obvious that you currently undervalue fun, joy and self-care. Maybe it is time for you to remember that you live in a female body and make some adjustments to give your life a new turn.

Belly dance is a holistic solution for your well-being.

I am sure you have heard some of the old proverbs like “Your body is the mirror of your soul” or “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. It is ancient wisdom that there is a strong connection between your mental and your physical well-being, that your physical condition influences your mental condition and vice versa.

Belly dance affects both your physical as well as your mental state simultaneously. It is much more than just an effective fitness training. Due to the extraordinary dance figures, the interaction between movement and music and the many possibilities to express your feelings in the dance, it definitely touches your soul as well.

Belly dance gives women more inner freedom.

Very often the women who attend my courses are stressed out and irritated by daily challenges in their jobs or their families when they arrive for class. They start to move and dance, they let go and shake their hips – and suddenly all their troubles and tension are gone.

As soon as that happens, they usually smile, laugh and enjoy themselves. Some of them tell me that the weekly belly dancing classes have become an important outlet for them because they help them create a distance to their problems that opens up new perspectives regarding possible solutions.

Belly dance gives women new self-confidence.

When they belly dance, women can be so concentrated on themselves and their movements, that they completely forget everything around them. Despite the great physical effort and concentration, they are in a state of total happiness. Their eyes start to sparkle with joy, their cheeks shine and you can see the enthusiasm and fascination about themselves in their faces.

The feeling of being in harmony with the music, to be moved by the music, to make the music visible with their own body and to interpret it, is an indescribable experience for many women. This sense of achievement leads to enormous self-confidence that has a positive effect on all areas of life for these women.

Belly dance lets women (re)discover their femininity.

In order to feel whole and healthy, every woman needs to demonstrate and express her femininity. For most women, there are only few opportunities to be feminine and sensual in their everyday lives.

Belly dance fulfills this longing for female expression. Women can show themselves and live out their sensuality. Especially women who might have problems with their femininity will learn to accept and love their body.

I hope that this article inspires you to become more conscious about your feminine expression and take better care of yourself. Enjoy the journey!

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