7 Reasons For Learning Belly Dance Now

7 Reasons For Learning Belly Dance Now

There are many individual motivations why in recent years more and more women have started to learn the sensual art of belly dance. Which one will be yours?

Belly dance allows you to dance freely and indepently.

Maybe you love to dance, but lack a partner who is willing to go out dancing with you. Oriental belly dance gives you the opportunity to act out your enthusiasm for dance without a partner. You can join like-minded women in belly dancing courses or dance alone at home. Since belly dance does not need to be choreographed, even as a beginner you will have the positive experience of being able to dance to the music after having learned only a few movements.

Belly dance is not limited to a certain age or figure.

The typical role model of the ideal woman being young and skinny is displayed everywhere in the media. No wonder that a large number of women are inhibited from participating in any kind of public or group sports activity for fear of being looked on as too old or too chubby. Oriental dance is a holistic fitness program for every woman regardless of age or body shape. The structure of the Oriental music ranges from calm and relaxing to spirited and powerful passages, thus allowing the instructor to arrange for a program where higher and lower impact exercises alternate in a way that takes into account the physical condition of the individual woman. As far as figure problems are concerned, belly dance students will gladly tell that these disappeared for good after taking up a regular dance practice.

Belly dance nurtures your body and soul.

Some women are prevented from from engaging in activities like sports, gymnastics or dance due to physical or mental problems. If that is you, know that learning how to belly dance brings about an intensive self-examination of your body. You will get to know body parts and muscles you never paid attention to and detect personal limits or blockages. At the same time you will discover the multifarious possibilities your body has. The joy of dancing and the success experienced may help you find new ways of coping with your challenges.

Oriental music is fascinating.

One of the most important prerequisites for taking up belly dance is the love for oriental music. Although it may sound quite unusual to you at first, when you take the time to listen to it closely, you will not be disappointed. Oriental music contains the whole spectrum of human emotions and tempers: from softness, dreaminess and longing to joy, fun, power and even aggression. All these emotional layers can be played with and expressed in belly dance.

Belly Dance is sensual.

Be it the slow, flowing hip circles or the vibrating shimmies, both men and women alike are fascinated by the sensuality of these belly dancing movements. It is your choice as a dancer how you present these erotic moves. Your own personality and your devotion to the music will help you create a unique interpretation.

Belly dance is trendy.

For a number of years pop songs with oriental rhythms have made their way to the charts every now and then, proving that a large audience enjoyed them. Titles like “Aisha” by Cheb Khlaled or “Simarik” by Tarkan have become big hits. However, it wasn’t until Shakira showed everyone that belly dance movements can be integrated into contemporary music, that belly dance was perceived as “cool”. With her undulating arms, her sharp accents and her seductive hip movements, Shakira has truly set a new trend that both girls and women strive to imitate.

Belly Dance allows you to be glamorous.

You will probably have noticed that there are not many opportunities in your every day life where you can dress up and adorn yourself. Belly Dance gives you the chance to live out this core female desire. Most dancers get quite passionate about creating their own unique costumes, especially enjoying the search for fabrics, jewelry and accessories.

When will you start belly dancing?

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