“Discover Your Full Artistic Potential Now!”

Do you find it frustrating to spend so much time and energy learning how to master belly dance, and realize that you are not making much progress at all?

Are you depressed because you know you have the skills to dance well, but you’re paralyzed by fear of expressing yourself freely?

Have you experienced the disappointment of taking belly dancing classes where you studied choreographies, but when you tried to improvise to your favorite belly dancing music you froze on the spot not knowing what moves to perform next?

Then you are in the right place!

I have created my new ebook “The 7 Secrets of Improvisation In Belly Dance” to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and give you the tools and strategies to master your dance practice and become a confident, radiant and intuitive dancer.

By guiding you through simple step-by-step processes, this ebook will take the mystery and confusion out of learning belly dance and make it easy and fun. The techniques work for everyone from beginners to professionals.

You will learn:

  • How to stop wasting your time memorizing choreographies and counting steps, and apply an easy to follow method that will enable you to create your performance while you dance.
  • What exercises you can use to put complicated movements on autopilot by entering them into your body’s muscular memory.
  • Why it is not your fault that you don’t know how to perform certain layers and combinations, and how setting them up in the right order will put your movements in the flow.
  • What you can do to stop fear issues and stage fright for good.
  • Simple tips I learned from professional Egyptian belly dancers that will make your performance an unforgettable event for your audience.
  • How you can use your skills in improvisational belly dance to become happy and successful in other areas of your life like your health, relationships and career.

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