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Belly Dance Tutorial: The Basic Arabic Step

Belly Dance Tutorial: Basic Arabic Step

In this belly dance tutorial I will show you one of the most common travel steps in traditional oriental dance – the Basic Arabic Step. It is usually performed to the Masmoudi Saghir (or Belady) rhythm and has endless possibilities … Read More


What Belly Dancers Should Know About Chakras

In my belly dancing lessons I often refer to the seven main chakras. I teach my students how to align them with specific belly dancing movements and exercises in order to release blockages in the chakras that prevent their movements … Read More

Proper Hydration For Belly Dancers

Proper Hydration For Belly Dancers

One of the challenges you experience as a belly dancer when practicing intensively or performing on stage is that you develop a lot of sweat. By drinking a sufficient amount of water before you dance, you can make sure that … Read More

Tips On Nutrition For Belly Dancers

Tips On Nutrition For Belly Dancers

If you are like most women who practice belly dance, over time you will become more aware of your body’s needs for functioning at its best. You will find that eating healthy is critical to improving your body’s performance, feeling, … Read More

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