Ariana_WarmUp_Cover_1Ariana’s Warm-Up Guide For Belly Dancers

(free ebook, 30 pages)

This illustrated workbook takes you through a step-by-step process that allows you to stretch all the important muscle groups involved in belly dance and improve your flexibility.

The recommended exercises are valuable for all belly dancing students, dance instructors and professional dancers.

Going through this 15-minute workout three times a week will enable you to reach a comfortable level of physical fitness and well-being. If you use this training as a daily routine, your vitality will become unstoppable.

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Belly Dance Basics Online Course

Learn the basic skills of belly dance with Ariana’s new Belly Dance Basics Online Course.

This 7-week intensive program is designed to give you a strong foundation for your belly dance education.

You will learn a new family of movements and travelling steps each week. Your lessons will include a warm-up, breakdown of technique, drills and basic combinations.

(coming soon)

The 7 Secrets Of Improvisation In Belly Dance

Have you ever admired belly dancers who can improvise to any music and wondered whether there is a systematic approach to learning how to dance this way?

In her new ebook Ariana proves that there is, in fact, a way how you can train your body and mind to flow along with the music…

(coming soon)

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